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Why Were We In Nashville?

DID YOU KNOW THAT THE Hammond & Ellis Team is a member of The Crown Council, a well recognized group of high performing dentists from around the world? Crown Council dentists network together to share ideas and grow their practices. Recently, our team just returned from the annual Crown Council Event in Nashville, Tennessee.

This Annual Event Always Motivates Us To Grow And Improve

This event is instrumental in motivating our team and helping us to learn and grow personally and professionally. It helps us gather ideas to serve our patients’ oral health better, while providing you with a dental experience that you will want to tell your friends about!

One of our favorite speakers in Nashville was Dave Crenshaw. Dave specializes in helping people understand that by multitasking, we are actually getting less done! He also helped us realize that if we use time management tools correctly, we can balance our family life and work life more effectively. He showed us ways to be more “present” wherever we are, and how to give full attention to whatever event we are participating in. Dave recommended drawing boundaries for ourselves with our cell phones, emails and computers, so that when we are with our family we are 100% focused on being with them!

We Are Anticipating A Great 2013!

We are anticipating a great 2013, and are excited to put into action all of the things that we learned. At your next visit with us, watch for things that we do differently after our experience in Nashville. We love to keep learning!


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